Strategies And Different Practices for Using Google Ads Targeting

Google Ads is one of the best ways to building up your business. With the humongous reach of Google, it has become the most efficient mode of advertising. Google lets businesses advertise their products or services on its platform. However, to squeeze the maximum juice out of Google advertising, you must have a proper strategy in mind.

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Strategies While Using Google Ads- 

1–    Know the audience– it is imperative that you understand your audience and divide them into various segments based on interests, hobbies, occupation, economic and social status, etc.

2–    Practice exclusion– it is desirable that you hide or exclude certain aspects from the advertising campaign. Certain elements like placements, audiences, demographics, interests, etc. can be excluded. The main reason for excluding these elements is to evade low performance. Exclusion filters out the keyword or people which drive high cost but generate little or no revenue.

3–    Location focus– while targeting customers who stay close to your location, you require location-based keywords. This practice will generate more leads locally and is good for the initial days of your business or if you want to run a local business only.

Types Of Google Targeting- there exist a multitude of ways of targeting the audience on Google. The two main types of targeting are:

  • Audience targeting

In this type of targeting lets you focus your ads on the people who you think may be interested in the business of yours and who might provide you with valuable leads. Audience targeting can be further divided into:

  1. Demographic targeting– this is the most common mode of audience targeting. It focuses demographics of the audience base on the information of location, age, gender, device type, etc. companies prefer this type of advertising because it lets them reach the desirable leads.
  2. Interest targeting– Google divides the individuals and places them in different groups based on their interests which can be derived from their web-behaviour and search history. It is further divided into two categories. First, In-marketing targeting displays ads to the users who have been recently searching for the products and services which resemble your business.

Second, the Affinity targeting wherein Google builds a profile of the user based on the web behaviour on various portals like YouTube, channels, pages, apps, etc. based on the user profile, you can target the audience.

  1. Remarketing– this form of targeting lets you focus on the users who have already taken your services. This is very popular among businesses because in this case, you have already built up a base with the customer. You don’t have to start from square one; you can easily get leads to form customers by remarketing your services.
  • Content targeting

The second mode of advertising is to target the content. This model provides you the opportunity to reach the audience who are accessing specific content. It is further divided into various types:

  1. Targeting– You can display your ads on the page which hosts content that matches your keywords. The more relevant the keywords, the precise will be the pace that displays your content.
  2. Targeting the topics– you can also target specific topics and this way your ad will have wide coverage of the audience who passes by the topic. Google’s algorithm analyses the main theme of your page and then, your ads will be displayed on the relevant pages.
  3. Placement targeting– Applying this strategy, Google lets you choose specific websites on which you want to display the ads. It can be either the entire website or specific pages of the website. The choice must be made based on the data of your audience visiting specific pages.


Google Ads is the most efficient way of marketing. With the battery of options that have been provided to the user, it is highly customizable and allows you to laser-focus your approach in marketing and bring in more revenue out of the investment.