How to Use Sex Toys By Yourself?


The fun part is now, how to use sex toys at home. These tips can be used individually.


  1. You deserve special stimulation.

Some toys work better depending on the area you are trying to stimulate. These toys can be used for G-spot or clitoral stimulation, as well as anal play.


Clitoral Stimulation

Clitoral stimulation is best provided by a bullet, wand, and rabbit vibrators. While suction rabbit vibrators include both an insertion component as well as a clitoral stimulator (wands only focus on your hot spot), suction rabbit vibrators are versatile.

You can hold the vibrator with all its options and it will massage you with satisfying pulsations.


The Suction rabbit vibrator usually holds a charge and offers an additional insertion component that targets all your hot spots.

The device wraps around your clitoris and uses pulsating airwaves rather than harsh vibrations to provide pleasure.

Let’s not forget about the suction Bullet Vibrators, which can be a blessing for your clit. These vibes are rechargeable and some can be controlled remotely.

Suction Bullet vibrators work well for all. Suction rabbit vibrators are often anatomically based.


G Spot Stimulation

Next, vibrators with slightly curved heads are best for G-spot stimulation. This allows the toy’s head to bend into your inner orgasm-inducing spot.

Although partners may think that hard and fast stimulation is the best for G-spot stimulation, in reality, G-spots prefer more teasing strokes.

It is also easier to get to your G-spot by inserting a toy behind the head, rather than from the front.

Many women struggle to have a good orgasmic moment with G-spot.

It’s important to be patient, take your time, and not lose sight of the fact that it can take years for your G-spot to become apparent.


  1. Discover How to Make the Most of Your Toy’s Unique Features


  • If you are using sex toys to have an intimate relationship with someone, it is important to get to know your toys as well.
  • Many modern enhancements make it possible for sex toys that can be operated hands-free to allow you to enjoy other pleasure points while having fun.
  • It is worth exploring all of the settings that your toy offers. You may discover a new favorite toy that will make you giddy with pleasure.




These toys can be used for more than just having fun with your partner. You can also enjoy exciting foreplay options, enhancements during sex, and kinky alternatives to getting a little crazy in public.


  1. Use toys for bedroom sex and foreplay
  • Because they are both energy-saving and fun, sex toys make for a great foreplay option.
  • Sex toys do not only include wands and vibrators, or even butt plugs. Sex toys can also include accessories such as sexy costumes, beds restraints, and props.
  • Bring whips and ties, a sex swing, or themed props to your bedroom to bring your fantasies to life.
  1. Enjoy Public Play and keep your long-distance sex life hot!
  • Partner play is not limited to your bedroom. Sex toys such as vibrating pants allow for public play, making it possible to have sex with your partner.
  • This could be sending out teasing vibes at your partner during date night at the restaurant, or temporarily taking their attention away from a movie.
  • You will be more excited to return home and have more fun with the heart-racing question of wondering if others are enjoying your pleasure.
  • These remote-controllable public toys can also be controlled from across the room using smartphone apps.
  • You can extend this idea with toys that allow you to play long distances from other countries. This is perfect for couples who travel frequently or live in different cities.
  • You can sync them to music or your partner’s voice, making long-distance experiences and public appearances more personal.