Cbd – Use it as an appetite suppressant

A few companies have begun to market their cbd product as an appetite suppressant. It’s not clear if this is a marketing gimmick, or whether there is any scientific backing for these claims.

In 2012, published an article that claimed cbd could alter the feeding habits of rats. The study found that cbd indeed reduced appetite. This study has put cbd in a new light as an appetite suppressant.

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Appetite vs hunger

We refer to appetite as the desire for food. On the other side, hunger refers to our bodies’ biological response to food scarcity. These two words have very different meanings.

One can have an appetite but not feel hungry, and vice versa. An emotional feeling or a combination of both appetite and hunger is what causes an individual to feel hungry. After smelling something, you might desire pizza or cake. It will be affected if you have psychological issues such as a desire or need to eat for pleasure, happiness, sadness, boredom, or boredom.

Hunger is when our bodies notice that they need more food. Our brain will then send us a signal for us to eat. The most common hunger signals are:

  • Trouble concentrating
  • Gagging in the stomach
  • Feeling dizzy.
  • Emptiness is in the stomach.

Cbd for appetite suppression?

Cbd interacts with cb1 receptors within our brain, which can then have a regulatory impact. You could use it as an agonist or antagonist.

An antagonist will typically try to bind our neuroreceptors within our brains for stimulating or encouraging the production and release of hormones. The antagonist is the opposite effect. It will slow down or stop chemical production and hormones.

It can also reduce hunger. It could also increase the production and release of chemicals that signal to our body that our stomach is full. This process can greatly reduce our appetite.

Another 2018 study revealed that cb1-receptor antagonists can be used to suppress appetite and reduce obesity. Cbd can influence other molecules, but not our cb1-receptors. All of these receptors need to be turned off in order to suppress appetite.

It is now clear that there is ample evidence suggesting that cbd may be an appetite suppressant. However, no direct clinical studies have been done to prove cbd’s ability to reduce appetite in humans.

Stress is manageable

It’s not hard to see how mental pressures like stress, anxiety, depression can affect one’s sex life. Males can’t perform well and females feel uncomfortable. Cbd products that work to improve the mind and body can have positive effects on the bedroom.

Additionally, cbd oil also improves sleep which can make it a great investment in one’s ability to get more energy throughout the day. Cbd oil has high quality cbd oil that will help you get rid of any distractions from your sexual pleasure.