What Is ISO 55001 , Exactly?

ISO 55001 Asset Management System helps you to manage processes and risk effectively, which will eventually lead to improved company performance. Asset Management System comes from many different sizes. One thing is certain though: All companies have assets. Assets can provide competitive advantages or drain the resources of your company. That is why it is so important to efficiently manage your assets

Asset Management System certification is a way to make yourself stand out from others in Assets Management. It will help you use the assets efficiently, get more from them, and add value to your business. It will guide you towards continuous asset improvement that will allow you to meet the business, stakeholder, and legal needs.

ISO 55001 certification is vital in today’s complicated and changing financial markets. The certification shows three important aspects.

  • Effective Asset Management
  • Mitigating or managing risks
  • Improving financial performance

ISO 55001 will help you establish a proactive asset and lifecycle management system. This supports asset optimization and reduces ownership costs. However, it also helps you meet safety and performance standards.

Best Practice Gives You ISO 55001 Certification In A Hassle-Free Manner

Best Practice’s main objective is to provide effective system implementation that will ensure Asset Management across all operations. We are one of the few companies that fully understand the standard from its beginning. Not only do you assess how well your organization meets them, but we also create and train new standards. Our knowledge will transform your organization. The following describes the process of implementation:

  • Simple, Practical Methodology
  • Initial Examination
  • Initial visits to the facility and review of current operational controls
  • Identification of various operational hazards
  • Gap analysis and planning to document
  • Create an asset management software
  • Sensitization programs
  • Training and assistance for implementation
  • Effective Verification
  • Internal audit for validation of the implemented system
  • Management review

ISO 55001: Has Many Benefits

Manage Risks

ISO 55001 certification reviews all processes, procedures, and asset performance continuously to allow informed management decisions that are cost-effective, risk-free, profitable, and sustainable. It enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization by managing and reducing the risks associated with your assets.

Encourages Business Growth.

A strong AMS certificate to ISO 55001 assists in improvement with formalized priority and coordinated implementation plan that your entire organization understands and can commit to.

Improved Financial Performance

A good AMS can improve your return on investments and cost reduction without sacrificing the short- or longer-term performance of your organization. This, in turn, can help preserve asset value which will aid in profit/bottom line.

Improved Services, Organizational Sustainability

ISO 55001 certification ensures that your organization can effectively manage its short-term and longer-term performance and expenditures. This will improve sustainability. This certification allows your organization to meet or exceed the performance and social accountability expectations of customers and stakeholders.

High Reputation Achieved Through Compliance

ISO 55001 certification ensures transparency and compliance with legal, statutory, regulatory requirements. This will improve customer satisfaction, stakeholder awareness, and trust.

Best Practice Is A Provider Of Only-Genuine Certifications.

We ensure ISO 55001 Certification adds quality to your brand, rather than distracting it by getting counterfeit/local certificates. International traceability allows you to pass the Certificate Verification process done by your overseas customers.