Excellent Topping Ideas to Love Your Plain Baked Potatoes

Potatoes are the favorite vegetable in many homes. People enjoy baked potatoes at dinner to maintain their meals healthily as well as tasty. A little bit of Salt, pepper, and added butter makes it the best meal for the day. You can have more flavors by adding different toppings to your baked potatoes.

You can look for the best toppings to make your potato dish more delicious. You can opt for any one of the available incredible options, whether it is chickpeas or a creamy chicken. Later, you can take it to every meal by including your family members. They taste different and delicious.

Baked potatoes are not only easy to cook, but also the ultimate healthy and comfortable food to eat for anyone. They are rich in starch to keep your body warm and fill your belly with good energy. They are perfect and simple food for your autumn nights. They are easily available in the market at an affordable cost and delicious too.

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Ideas For Baked Potato Toppings

Here are 15 delicious ideas to garnish and top your baked potatoes that are rich in carbohydrates and fiber.

  1. The Classic – you can add salt and pepper along with butter and cream. Also, you may top it with scallions for increasing color and flavors.
  2. Mexican – If you can pile chicken or black beans with spices, salsa, and cheese you will feel mind-blowing because of the flavors. All the families like it and will be called “PO-tacos”.
  3. Greek – For mushrooms, spinach, onions, and rosemary you can add cheese or yogurt and sauté them well then top it on baked potatoes to make the version delicious.
  4. Italian – You can have this instead of a pasta recipe. Take some mozzarella parmesan or ricotta to pesto or tomato sauce still, you can add sliced tomatoes and pepperoni to have more fun.
  5. The Mediterranean – You can have a creamy and savory baked potato dish if you top it with olives, tomatoes, and hummus.
  6. Indian – sprinkle the top with chickpeas and curry powder.
  7. Buffalo – add toppings like gorgonzola, buffalo sauce, sour cream, and green onions.
  8. Chili – Toppings like cheddar cheese, sour cream, or else avocado can be better used with leftover chili.
  9. The Spiced-Up Classic – Sour cream, chives, and salsa will be the perfect version to top on the baked potatoes.
  10. BBQ – You can use leftover pork or BBQ pulled chicken.
  11. Creamy and Simple – Chives, cheese, and grounded pepper.
  12. Cheesy Broccoli Bomb – Steamed and well-chopped broccoli with grated cheese.
  13. Eggs-cement – Sirach, fried eggs, and sauce.
  14. Better-Than-Bacon-Bits – Dress up with ranch and chop up bacon, you can get the recipe from homemade ranch dressing.
  15. Pesto Potato – You can have diced chicken or pesto, ham, or mozzarella cheese as the perfect toppings.

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